Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I’d Name Pets After

top-ten-tuesdayTop Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature meme hosted at The Broke and Bookish where you choose your top 10 favourite books based on a theme. This week’s theme is Top Ten characters I would name after pets if I could.





10. Ember from Talon

If I had a pet dragon, I’d call it Ember, like from Talon. But even if I had something a millionth of it’s size, I’d probably still call it Ember. Regardless of the character, I just love the name!

9. Carmilla

The wacky YouTube series is good, but the old book is even better. She’s a super empowering lesbian vampire and in all honesty, Carmilla is just a great name.

8. Brimstone from Daughter of Smoke and Bone

This is such a cool name?! I might name a snake after it.

7. Zara from Need

I loved Need by Carrie Jones when I read it years ago, but I can’t say it holds any kind of significance to me. But as I was searching through my read books on Goodreads to get an idea for this list, the name Zara jumped out at me. It’s cute yet bold and I’d give it to a pet with a lot of character.

6. Kerrick from Touch of Power

I really like K’s – and Kerrick is just a great, powerful name. (And a charming character, can I add.)

5. Anything from Harry Potter

Literally, anything. I used to have a gerbil called Weasley and a rabbit named Sirius (who actually turned out to be a girl), and right now there’s a snake in my house called Nagini. I’ll take any Harry Potter or Disney name and throw it on an animal.

4. Manon from the Throne of Glass series

Manon is major goals, in everything. I could probably name a pet after all these characters, but Manon is something special.

3. Jin from Rebel of the Sands

I have no explanation other than I just really, really loved his character. I would go for Amani because she’s pretty cool, but I’d probably have trouble pronouncing the name. 😛

2. Kell from A Darker Shade of Magic

I’m still reading this book at the moment, but I love his name! I think it would suit pretty much any animal, from a fish to a turtle to a cat.

1. Kiki the horse from The Study Series

Yes, another Maria V. Snyder character. So what! Kiki is one of my favourite animal characters from anything ever. Honestly, I could name so many things after characters from these books. Kiki is my favourite, but I also love Ghost – Kiki’s name for Valek – and the name Valek itself. Maria V. Snyder named her black cat Valek and I would probably do the same.

I’m planning on getting another two gerbils at the end of November, so it was great for me to think through all these names and I’ll probably be using them!

What would you name yours? Have you named any already? Link me to your post, too! 🙂



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