Book Shuffle – September


Book Shuffle is a meme posted on the 15th of every month hosted by Shannon @ Clockwork Bibliophile and you can read the official post and rules here.

My song is… Light Up the Dark by Gabrielle Aplin!

When this song appeared on my screen, I knew instantly which book I wanted to pair it with. I adore Gabrielle Aplin and her music usually gives me a rainy October vibe – but not this song. This song makes me think of adventures and cool-ass characters with sensual undertones. This song makes me think of… Rebel of the Sands by Alwyn Hamilton!26047310


“I don’t have to mention that I saw you today
I shone the sun into your eyes
And you don’t always have to question why there’s pleasure and pain
‘Cause there’s no truth for you to find…

…I wanna be the one to light up the dark in you
And when the flood is over and all the love is pouring out
I wanna be the one to light up the dark in you”


If you haven’t read Rebel of the Sands before, you absolutely should. This was one of my post anticipated reads this year, and I gave it 4 stars. It’s set in the desert, has magic, djinnis (genies), tons of female badassery and not to mention my book boyfriend, Jin. This is the perfect song to describe Amani and Jin’s relationship during the first and middle parts of the book. Amani is such a strong character, “I shone the sun into your eyes…” and without spoiling the book, “light up the dark in you” seems to fit them too. I’m so excited that this is becoming a trilogy and I can’t wait for Traitor to the Throne to come out in March!

Enough of me swooning over this book, what do ya think? Have you read this book, and did you like it? Or do you like Gabrielle Aplin? Feel free to link me to your Book Shuffles, too! 🙂

P.S How are we halfway through September?!


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