Book Review: Slated by Teri Terry

12743472 Title: Slated

Author: Teri Terry

Page count: 439 pages

Released: May 3rd 2012

Genre: Science Fiction

Type: Paperback

Rating: 3 starshalf star

Slated is a book about a girl with no memory. Unless stopped, a world with no memory. When people – terrorists, people that are dangers to society and themselves – do something deemed “dangerous enough”, they’re picked up out of their lives, memories wiped and thrown into a new one, new family and all. They become a whole new person. This is okay for most, almost all of the “Slated”. But Kyla – she is different. Struggling with horrific nightmares for so long after being Slated, the government wanted to terminate her – deemed her a waste of time and resources. But her doctor insisted no, she wanted to let Kyla be. Test her, watch her. Kyla, none the wiser, tries at building herself a new life, but it takes all of two weeks for her to realise that something is very, very wrong. There are “Slater Haters”, people watching her every move, and a lot of dangerous people on her tail. She meets other people who have been Slated and slowly, eventually begins to remember who she once was.

Slated is a tricky book. I’ve wanted to read it for so, so long – but every time I find something by Teri Terry in the library or bookshop, it’s never the first book, always the second or third. A few weeks ago I finally found it and just bought all three! I was certain I was going to love the books.

I think it’s because I was so certain that I’d love them that actually made me doubt it as I started to read. The writing style is… young. As if the point of view you’re reading from is a child. The world isn’t built up much, and I would love if the history was explained some more. The characters were also unfortunately quite similar to each other, and the first 150 or so pages I often got confused with who was who.

But then I realised that of course the writing sounds like a child – the story of this book is that Kyla’s mind has been wiped. She had to learn how to walk again, how to talk again, how to eat again. So if her vocabulary is a tad below average for a 16 year old’s then so be it because I definitely couldn’t learn all of that in a few months! The history of “Slating” also becomes more apparent the further you read, and I’m hoping (and assuming) that there’s a lot more of that in the next two books.

My favourite part about this book is how little I could predict. The overall picture, sure, it was always going to be slightly generic. But the little twists within are what kept me reading.

This isn’t quite a 4 star but 3 is just too harsh – this isn’t one I’ll be forgetting just yet! 🙂


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