Discussion: Good Years, Bad Years & Reading Progress

discussionFun fact – when I was 11/12, I read triple the amount of books I’ve read so far this year. Ouch.

Since it’s now July, there are quite a few posts going around with people’s reading progress – how far ahead they are, how fare behind they are, how they’re dead on their target. And I look at mine, and I think how have I read so few books?! 

Usually, my goal for the year is around 50 books. That way I’m happy if it goes over (since I know way too many people who have 100+, even 200+ goals) and there’s only a very small chance of me being under – and if I am under the goal, I can just throw in a few novellas and yep, hit my target!

reading challenge gr

With the Goodreads reading challenge, you can also see how many books (and pages) you read per year. This has led me to believe that while reading slumps and a bad month here and there are very real struggles, so are entire bad years. So far this year I’ve read 9 books. NINE. And it’s July! That’s barely one book a month. In January 2015, I did double that. I don’t even have an excuse – there’s nothing else that has been taking up my time. And I have a job now, so I should be reading more than ever. Admittedly, there have been three or four books that I simply haven’t finished, but I haven’t added those to my Goodreads shelf in the hope that I’ll go back to them. Sorry, Glass Sword.

I’m just hoping that with the summer, and then the inevitable cosy Autumn season that I’ll hurry the hell up and manage to finish my goal of 45-50 books, but I’m definitely not sure anymore.

Do you agree? Do you have good years and bad years? Or are you pretty much the same, year in year out? 🙂



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