Weekley Recap: What I’m Reading

This week has been hectic with work, getting ready for college next week and my 3 day break to Alton Towers, so I’ve barely read a thing – though I have tons on my currently reading and TBR shelf right now. 😦IMG_9949

99 Days by Katie Cotugno

Beta by Rachel Cohn

The Girl At Midnight by Melissa Grey

Eragon by Christopher Poalini

Not pictured: The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J. Maas, Fire & Flood by Victoria Scott

99 Days: I requested this book from the library and got it last week, though so far I’m only a hundred or so pages in. It’s shameful, really. I love the story once I get into it, but I can never bring myself to pick it up.

Beta: I got this from the library the same day as 99 Days, though I haven’t even started it! It looks short and easy though, so I might read that this weekend.

The Girl At Midnight: I’ve been wanting to read this book for ages; I have it on my Kindle. I planned on reading it after I’d finished A Thousand Nightsbut then 99 Days happened. I visited Waterstones last week after my orthodontist appointment (I deserved it!) so I decided to buy an actual copy. I prefer the other cover, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Eragon: This book! My nan read the series years ago, and then gave them to me because she thought I’d like them. I’ve been meaning to read them ever since, but I only just got round to it. I’m only a few chapters in, but I’m enjoying it a lot! Though I may have to put it on hold, because…

The Assassin’s Blade: My excuse for not reading this was always “I don’t have a Kindle!”, back when they were the only versions of these novellas around and I didn’t know anything about downloading on the Internet. Then I got a Kindle, and Bloomsbury published it as a paperback – typical. So I bought the paperback to match my series, and Amazon accidentally sent me two. I have two copies, and I still haven’t read either of them, yet I say this is one of my favourite series. It’s crazy, but it’s finally over. I’m determined to read this before Queen of Shadows is released next week to get myself back into the story. 😉

Fire & Blood: I don’t really have much hope for this. I’ve had it since March, and started it about a month ago, though I’m only 40 or so pages in. I’m not liking it very much but I feel guilty every time I see it lying around the house. Maybe soon.


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